Meet Roseli from Tuscany, an LGBT wedding planner and Airbnb host with a story about love and equality

Roseli is an Airbnb Experience and home host and lives in beautiful Chianti, a wonderful area of Tuscany that she particularly likes to share with future husbands and wives to whom she offers her advice.

After many years in event management, she became a wedding planner, “a true conductor under whose baton the wedding is managed on behalf of the bride and groom,” she explained. She is an “Equality Marriage Planner“, and specializes in LGBT weddings.

“I decided to become a wedding planner because I wanted to offer my services to all couples. I wanted to embrace all couples. I believe that love is universal and that everyone should have the right to happiness. I believe I am—and I say this with pride—one of the first certified LGBT wedding planners. I did my training at the Gay Wedding Institute in New York. Love really is something for everyone. What I want to do, in my own little way, is talk about it more and more, in an open manner. There is still a long way to go in the fight for rights.”

We met her in an old villa that once belonged to a noble Florentine family, located 12 miles from Florence. Today, it has been transformed into a farm that produces organic olive oil and wine. It is one of the places where Roseli brings guests as part of her “Tuscan Wedding” Airbnb Experience.

“I decided to share this Experience because I like the idea of showing Airbnb guests Tuscan places outside the city. I like the idea of taking people, through the eyes of a wedding planner, on a journey that tells the story of Florence and its most important family, the Medici, in a historical and enogastronomical context.”

Roseli has many stories to tell, but one struck us in particular.

“When we talk about marriage, one of the things that you have to organize as a wedding planner is the wedding meal. But do you know where the word “catering” comes from? “Catering” is linked to the story of Caterina de Medici who, when she went to marry the future King of France, arrived at the French court with a substantial number of staff, some 300 people. Her chefs taught the art of Florentine cuisine to the French. For example, they invented the famous macaron to decorate her wedding cake. Caterina invented the fork and was the first to introduce table etiquette. Whenever we talk about catering, we are actually talking about Caterina.”

By sharing stories and traditions of Tuscan weddings, Roseli hopes to open the doors of her world to an increasing number of people who, thanks to her, will feel at home.

“Airbnb is allowing me to make so many friends and I believe that the more welcoming we are and ready to open our arms to one another, the more benefits we’ll reap ourselves.”